One Attempt at New Year’s Resolutions

Woah. It’s been a while since I used wordpress, and now I’m missing it, I really do.

2010 has been 0.0 at the very least. A lot of things happened, a lot of money spent.

Money wise. Geez my family’s been spending money throughout the whole year as if 2012 was really the last year of our lives. Vacation here, vacation there, a new ps3, iPod, second-hand iPhone for my mom, iPod nano for my brother, new shoes, new clothes, new car. Without a doubt, the most money my family’s spent in a whole year.

I often make new year resolutions and not follow through, mostly because I don’t really care about them haha. However this coming new year, I think I’m going to try my best to follow through. Besides, I’m 21 next year, I’m old enough to vote la!

1. Be less selfish towards my family. – Yes I have been saying that I’m going to be less selfish every new year’s eve, but this year I’ve finally realized how selfish I’ve been, and I’ve been gradually changing to be less selfish and more thoughtful, and it’s really fun in a way, because it makes you feel good bwahaha.

2. Listen to more good music. – has been a blessing. Thanks to it I’ve discovered countless new artists, thanks to its feature called ‘similar artists’.

3. Exericise more – Not that I lack THAT much of exercise but I could do more workouts. I WANTS ABS.

4. Love and be loved equally – I’m tired of caring about someone who doesn’t even give a damn about me, I’m gonna rage quit in being nice. KTHXBAI

5. Be loyal 🙂 – Now that I finally have a steady girl, I better stay loyal and stop thinking about getting it on with other people. haha.

6. Get this relationship to last throughout the whole of 2011 – This is probably the resolution I’d try my hardest to fulfill. I’m tired of fooling around, of uncertainty and just chilling. It’s time for some serious business baybeh.

7. Use this blog more – This was my first ever blog. Created by Shells! I really want to post more stuff here because seriously, wordpress is really convenient.

Guess that’s about it. Gonna spend new year’s eve at Izz’s place cos he’s kewl enuf to let us use his place. thx izz! Happy new year soon everybody.


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