It’s Holiday! Andddd…

Holiday’s here!..So now what?

A lot of people have been complaining about having too much time now, including me. When there were still classes, we wanted more time, now that we get it, we don’t know what to do with it.

I could look for a job. Lazy. But at least I’m studying the slides my dad had given me. Things about computers and wireless connections. Next week he’s taking me to the launch of his company’s latest project with TV3, should be cool. Putting doing something beneficial aside, what about having fun?!

Erm, road trip’s got cancelled since some of us are busy. Understandable :). Ps3’s busted? NOT UNDERSTANDABLE. My dad said we could get a new one after my brother’s done with his SPM so at least there’s something to look forward to.

Going to watch Harry Potter with a good friend tomorrow. Haven’t seen her in ages. Another thing to look forward to.

So I’ve been sitting at home practically just breathing and eating and going to the bathroom and oh, sleeping. Other than that, been doing things that people with too much time normally do. Shower three times a day. Eat five times a day, and open the fridge every half-hour even though you pretty much know what is and what’s not, inside of it.

Downloaded numerous albums. I love You but I’ve Chosen Darkness and Blonde Redhead are being played a lot on my ipod. Good stuff. Been playing the PSP like nobody’s business.

In a week or so my cousin’s going to be on break from work since he’s getting married in mid december, hence amma be at his place playing COD Black Ops on his ps3, CO-OP bitches. Mind you I used to be very good at FPS, until RPG took over me. Oh, did I mention I’m probably going to be his best man? Yet another thing to look forward to. Plus it lets me wear formal/traditional clothes that I wouldn’t normally wear on a regular day.

Although holiday’s just started and things may seem gloomy and boring, I look forward to the anticipated karaoke and of course, BADMINTON.


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