Just thoughts

Rain. Rain pours at times when I am unable to appreciate it. Before class, after class, mainly while I’m out. I cherish the rain, more than a sunny day actually. It’s cooling, I feel that it cleanses the soul. Water droplets crashing the ground, emitting pure moist that chills our skin. I like the sound of raindrops. It’s friendlier than silence.

Silence. Silence reminds me of life. The joy, the pain, the love, the hate. I seem to dwell into kept emotions when it is too quiet. My thinking is straight, my memory is clear, sometimes I just want to break the silence, I guess that’s why I listen to music.

Music. Music breaks silence with passion and grace, allowing us, reminding us that somewhere out there in the world, there are others who’re going through the same deep pain as we are. Some songs seem to sing about our life more than theirs, and some songs, they just make you smile.

Smile. Smile is something I don’t do as much as I laugh. It’s different if you think about it. When I laugh, it’s because of something funny. When I smile, it’s because I’m truly happy. Is that weird? I think it is. I’m very opsimistic though, which is a good thing. The smallest things make me smile, and laughing, well, it is something that I really love.

Love. Love seems to travel in a compressed space where it has no room to breathe in or think. My love is buried without soil. It is dead, but refuses to believe so. It is black but it doesn’t believe in colour, at least not anymore. My love has aged well, only to be stuck. It has touched and been touched, only to be reminded of how good it feels. My love doesn’t consist a goodbye.

Goodbye. Goodbye is something I don’t truly believe in. Separation never really strikes me as something beneficial. Farewells are never happy, or good, it is just separation, and thinking that it is good is just a horrid obligation.

Obligation. Obligation and I don’t really get along. I am obliged to do a lot of things to different people, but I never truly did, and there is a slim chance that I will either and for that, I apologize. So, regarding this word; I don’t want to be friends.

Friends. Friends make my day, mine at least. I am thankful to god for these people. Never thought I’d meet a group of college students as crazy as I am. A lot of people seem to underestimate the value of having good friends, I just hope I don’t turn to one of them.


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